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Copyrights type

I am an experienced flash game and application developer.You can order quality flash games at a reasonable price here. There is two kind of order:

1.In which you gain all rights.Meaning after the game is done and the payments made, you will have all rights. My only right will be to be able to display or host the game in my own website as a referrence.You will have exclusive copyrights.

2.The second kind of order is where you will have rights to display or sell your copy of the game but you won't have exclusive copyrights to the game.

Order details

Basically there is two type of order.
1.When you are able to or want to supply all the graphics or some graphics for the game.

2.When I will provide all the graphics for the game as well.

Please note that the price of the game will vary according to your requirement and the order type.

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